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Berlin and Poland 10 Days – Sample Itinerary

We invite you to organize a journey to Berlin and Poland on a unique Essential Israel program. With over 10 years of experience organizing these types of programs, we are able to ensure a smooth and meaningful program for your group.


Day 1

Arrival in Berlin

Introductions and prayer

-The Neue Wache War Memorial (“Mother and her Dead Son”)

-Grosse Hamburger Strasse, a pre-war Jewish neighbourhood: Grave of Moses Mendelssohn, the site of the first Jewish Home for the Aged in Berlin and sculptures depicting a group of Jews being led to their deaths

-Bebelplatz, site of the infamous 1933 Nazi book burning

-Oranienburg Synagogue

-Reichstag/Brandenburg Gate

-Rosenstrasse Monument

-The German Resistance Memorial Center

-Bayerische Platz memorial (Garden urban memorial that has symbols and legislation of Nazi rule between 1933-1944)

Overnight: Berlin


Day 2

-Track 17: Memorial at the Grunewald Train Station (site of Jewish transports - two memorials)

-Wannsee Villa

-Holocaust Memorial and Museum

-Depart to Krakow

-Visit Wroclaw (Breslau)

Overnight: Krakow


Day 3

- Auschwitz I

Visit to include:

Block 4,5,8 ,11 and some national exhibitions, include Roma Pavilion

Reflection and prayer

-Walk to Birkenau

-Birkenau tour to include:

· Tour the Women’s Barracks

· The Central Sauna

· 1 crematorium


Overnight: Krakow


Day 4

-Walking Tour of Krakow

-Kazimierz-Old City

-The Pharmacy

-Plashov Concentration Camp

Overnight: Krakow


Day 5

-Depart to Warsaw Via Kielce

Visit Kielce

Arrive to Warsaw

· Mila 18 and Rapaport Memorial

· Heroes walk

· Umshlagplatz

· Warsaw Ghetto walk

· Korczaks’ Orphanage,

Overnight: Warsaw


Day 6

Okapowa Street Cemetery

Drive to Lublin

Visit Lublin

Visit Majdanek

Depart to Warsaw

Overnight: Warsaw


Day 7

Tykocin Synagogue and Cemetery


Return to Warsaw

Closing ceremony, reflection and prayer

Final Debriefing

Overnight: Warsaw


Day 8

Flight to the US