Meaningful Sites:

The Dead Sea

There is something so elemental and fascinating about the Dead Sea. Most first time tours will enjoy a visit to learn about the unique geology and history of this part of God's  land and enjoy experiencing the atmosphere in the lowest place on Earth. There are many beaches and spas along the Dead Sea to enjoy a float in the saltiest sea!

Ein Fescha

Your group can dip in the water at this nature reserve along the Dead Sea. There is also archeology which was possibly place in which Afarsimon oil, special oil valued for it's aroma and use in the Temple, was made. Alternatively, it was a place for date production which also gives us an insight into the ancient Biblical date culture of the  area. Hear the amazing story how these date trees were revived in Ein Gedi.

Lot's Wife

This pillar of salt rock in the shape of a woman take us right into the pages of the Bible. 

Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens

It was not easy to establish a kibbutz in this area. In order to lift their spirits from the desert terrain, members of Kibbutz Ein Gedi slowly collected and grew plants and even shoots from around the world in the area around their houses. Today it is a world class botanical garden in the desert!

Water Systems: Sapir  Pumping Station, Water Desalinization Plants

Israel has many challenges. But with God's help, has learned to overcome many problems and provide answers to  other nations who are struggling with the same issues such as a lack of fresh water. Visit various sites where you can learn about Israel's advances in desalinized water, sewage recycling, drip irrigation systems and more.

Hula Valley Nature Reserve

In the early days of Zionism, Malaria which bred in the swamps was devestating to the  idealist farmers. Thank God, solutions were found. One idea was to drain the swamps. This turned out to be not such  a  great idea because it disturbed the perfectly balanced ecosystem of God's land. Years after the swamp was drained, part of it has been reflooded and opened to the public as a park. It's possible to rent bicycles or walk by foot, and enjoy the nature in the area.

Bird Observatory (next to the Knesset)

500 million birds are estimated to fly over Israel during Spring and Fall migration between Europe and Africa. Israel has 3 bird watching stations: Hula, Jerusalem near the Knesset (where they also gently tag birds between 8-9am), and Eilat.

Biblical Zoo

A beautiful zoo in Jerusalem with some Biblical animals. Ideal for families. Enjoy a movie, snack and gift shop in Noah's ark.

Stalactite Cave

This cave is a little bit like walking on the moon! A great place to visit, not far from Jerusalem, for families or those with an interest in geology.

Hai Bar on Mt. Carmel and also near Eilat

See and learn about how Biblical animals are being restored to the Land of Israel.

Caves of  pre-historic man, Mt. Carmel and Cananite Arad

These remarkable caves and finds give us a great insight into pre-historic man and key stages in changing from hunter/gatherers to agriculturalists to urban dwellers that developed in the Land of Israel.

Israel Museum

Many of the major finds of pre-historic man found in Israel are on display at the Israel Museum.

Religious Diversity

In addition to the three major religions that are connected to the land of Israel, other religions have holy sites and communities here as well such as Druze, Bahai, Ahmedites, and others. 

World History

Every major world power has left their imprint on the land of Israel. We have remarkable archeology from the Nabateans, Crusaders, Muslims Dynasties, and more.


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