Mobile Phone Rental

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We are pleased to provide the following information about the exclusive cellular phone arrangements from IsraelPhones for Routes Travel clients available for their Israeli travel. IsraelPhones has always provided our clients excellent service and preferred rates while they travel in Israel.

IsraelPhones offers excellent service, economical rates and features including:

The exclusive rates we have arranged with IsraelPhones on your behalf are:

Prices Do Not Include 16% Sales Tax (VAT)

Cell Phone Rental/SIM Card Rental  *Free daily rental for your scheduled trip in Israel
 Insurance* on hardware Included 
 Incoming calls Free 
 Caller ID No Charge 
 Calls within the mobile network during your Israel tour  $0.19/min 
 Calls to landlines in Israel $0.19/min 
 Calls outside the mobile network during your travel in Israel      $0.38/min 
 Calls to the USA/Canada $0.38/min 

*$1 per day after the first 10 days of your trip in Israel
**With Insurance, deductible on lost/stolen phones is $100

To order your phone, please complete the online order form at . To receive your assigned number 1-3 business days in advance of your Israel trip, log on to, select "my number" and insert your confirmation number. If you have any further questions about cellular phone rentals, please email IsraelPhones at info(at) or call the IsraelPhones U.S. office at 1-866-8-ISRAEL.